Everything we make is inspired by my life long love of art, design, and getting my hands dirty

After studying stage design at NCSA, I spent 30 years painting backdrops for Broadway shows and working with designers like Tony Walton, John Napier, and Robin Wagner. There came a time when I wanted to work on something smaller. A lot smaller. Really small. Like belts. Some women are obsessed with jewelry or shoes. For me it's always been belts. I had always loved fabric belts, but disliked the d-ring closures, as they frequently loosen up. Stalking the hardware suppiers in the Garment District became a full time job, until I finally found flat purse rings to use instead. There was an enormous learning curve in designing for an inch and a half wide piece of webbing after years of painting 30 foot by 60 foot backdrops, but by 2010, we were up and running, making bold, but classic prints here in the US, by hand.

From upper right, clockwise: Linda Ronstadt, A Wedding (NYCB), Aida, Guys and Dolls, A Christmas Carol