Women's Belt - Victorian Taupe Paisley

TWO INCHES WIDE, but can be made as an inch and a half wide belt as well. just ask!
Victorian paisley wallpaper print in shades of Taupe and Brown on inch and a half wide EcoCanvas, hemmed and sewn to fade resistant 2 inch wide Taupe cotton webbing.

Closures are rectangular cast flat rings, which do not slip and do lay flat, unlike many d-ring belts. Metal finish is brite nickel.

Fiber contents: 100% polyester (45% recycled fiber). Webbing is 100% nylon. Ink is colorfast.

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water. Hang to dry.
Do not machine wash. Webbing comes out twisted, requires a lot of ironing, and the metal fittings damage the interior enamel of your washing machine.

SIZE CHART - Based on a contemporary fit, worn at the hip. Please choose 1 size smaller if you plan to wear the belt at your waist.
If you have any doubt, please put on the garment with which you are going to wear the belt and run a tape measure through the belt loops. Email me that measurement, and I'll help you with size. ***Please be sure to measure the area of your body where you intend to wear the belt. If you'll be wearing it at your waist, please choose a size for that area. Same thing is true for hips, and anywhere in between.
These measurements represent the circumference around which the belt fits, NOT the length overall. PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE IN "NOTE TO SELLER" WHEN ORDERING

SMALL fits 0 - 2 [31" to 33"] total strap length 37"
MEDIUM fits 4 - 6 [34" to 36"] total strap length 41"
LONG fits 8 - 10 [37" to 39"] total strap length 45"
ONE fits 12 - 14 [40" to 42"] total strap length 49"
TWO fits 16 - 18 [43" to 45"] total strap length 53"
THREE fits 20 - 22 [46" to 48"] total strap length 57"

Custom sizes always available!! Just tell me the length you'd like in an email!

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